Welcome to KF Expo

Hey there, fellow tech enthusiasts! Welcome to KF Expo, the digital hub where I, Karel Frederik, share my passion for development and showcase my projects built using Expo.

About Me

I’m Karel Frederik, a budding developer who is deeply passionate about creating innovative solutions through code. With Expo as my go-to framework, I’m on a journey to explore the exciting world of app development and beyond.

Featured Projects


Peer-to-Peer Mental Health Chat Platform

Explore 2Talk, a groundbreaking peer-to-peer chatting platform designed to provide support for mental health issues. Available on both iOS and Play Store, 2Talk connects individuals seeking assistance with compassionate listeners, fostering a supportive community for mental well-being.


Rent a Romantic Friend Platform

Discover Ayangku, a unique platform that allows users to rent a girlfriend or boyfriend for companionship and social interactions. With Ayangku, users can find companionship for various activities, from casual outings to special events, all through a user-friendly interface.


Online Food Ordering Platform

Indulge in MunchJoy, an online food ordering platform that brings culinary delights to your doorstep with just a few taps. Whether craving comfort food or exploring new cuisines, MunchJoy offers a seamless ordering experience, making dining-in a joyous affair.

Get in Touch

Have a project idea, collaboration opportunity, or just want to geek out over the latest tech trends? I’d love to connect with you! Drop me a line at tanyamarket.io@gmail.com and let’s chat.

Explore My Thought

Ready to see more about krav maga near me? Explore my portfolio and thought to discover these projects and more, where I’ve flexed my coding muscles with Expo and other cutting-edge technologies. From sleek UI designs to robust backend functionalities, each project tells a story of creativity and problem-solving.